Eric A. Conger

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CEO - Managing Director

In 1989, Norsk-American Eric (former banker and real estate developer) and his wife Sao came to Karon Beach on Honeymoon. The breath-taking sunsets, Aquamarine ocean, and snow-white beach lured them to move here and establish a great place to eat and sleep with top quality at reasonable prices; an outpost in paradise for weary travellers and relaxed sunbathers alike. The Karon Cafe Inn was born.

Starting as an American style coffee shop/restaurant and serving steaks on the side, Eric’s Colorado-style steaks quickly gained popularity. By 1992, the cafe became known as the only genuine “Steakhouse” in Phuket and the only to serve top quality, air-flown fresh-chilled Australian beef at reasonable prices. In 1996, Eric and wife opened a second restaurant and guesthouse Las Margaritas, featuring Southwestern U.S. cuisine also known as “Tex-Mex”. Eric went on to expand the menu to what is now known around the world as Tropical Fusion Cuisine.

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